TikTok & Shopify Partner Up To Help Brands Leverage TikTok To Make More Sales

TikTok Shopify Partner Up

TikTok and Shopify both recently announced a new partnership on October 27, 2020.   This will likely make it easier for brands to run effective campaigns that engage with TikTok's large and fast growing user base. 

The new TikTok channel within Shopify will help streamline the process of creating in-stream video ads, selecting which products to feature, and then quickly creating a video ad from one of the templates they supply.  

The following excerpt is a quote from TikTok's news release which sums it up pretty well:

Today, we're announcing a global partnership with Shopify that will help more than 1 million merchants create and run campaigns directly geared toward TikTok's highly engaged community.

Below is a quick quote from Shopify's announcement.

Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind commerce partnership with TikTok that brings the world’s leading destination for short form video to Shopify’s more than one million merchants. With the TikTok channel for Shopify, merchants can take advantage of TikTok’s global scale to reach new and highly engaged audiences.

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