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TikTok & Shopify Partner Up To Help Brands Leverage TikTok To Make More Sales

TikTok and Shopify both recently announced a new partnership on October 27, 2020. This will likely make it easier for brands to run effective campaigns that engage with TikTok's large and fast growing user base.

The new TikTok channel within Shopify will help streamline the process of creating in-stream video ads, selecting which products to feature, and then quickly creating a video ad from one of the templates they supply.

The following excerpt is a quote from TikTok's news release which sums it up pretty well:

Today, we're announcing a global partnership with Shopify that will help more than 1 million merchants create and run campaigns directly geared toward TikTok's highly engaged community.

Below is a quick quote from Shopify's announcement.

Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind commerce partnership with TikTok that brings the world’s leading destination for short form video to Shopify’s more than one million merchants. With the TikTok channel for Shopify, merchants can take advantage of TikTok’s global scale to reach new and highly engaged audiences.

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TikTok News September 15th, 2020 – Oracle Deal Will Likely Be Approved, Popular TikTokkers Move To Triller

The latest reports in relation to the TikTok - Oracle deal expect the White House to support the deal, however it may not completely take care of the concerns that were raised in the executive order. The following quote was reported in this CNBC article today.

❝Approval of Oracle’s deal to become a “trusted technology provider” for ByteDance’s TikTok will be announced on Tuesday afternoon, CNBC’s Jim Cramer reported."

Senator Josh Hawley published an open letter which points out that the Oracle deal will not satisfy the main points that the initial Executive Order outlined. He points out that the partnership is the problem, since the Executive Order was requiring a sale to remove and CCP influence. The following quote is from the open letter.

❝CFIUS should promptly reject any Oracle-ByteDance collaboration and send the ball back to ByteDance’s court so that the company can come up with a more acceptable solution. ByteDance can still pursue a full sale of TikTok, its code, and its algorithm to a U.S. company, so that the app can be rebuilt from the ground up to remove any trace of CCP influence."

While waiting for approval or disapproval from U.S. officials, a few popular TikTok creators have started to diversify and made the jump to start also using one of TikTok's rivals called Triller. Charli and Dixie D'Amelio are two of these creators that have large fan bases. Charli is a sixteen year old who is known for her dance videos and has a fan base of 87 million TikTok followers. Interested in growing a following like Charli, check out our list of tools for TikTok. Our post about making money from TikTok would also be useful.


Tick Tock – The Countdown Continues With Breaking News Related To The TikTok Ban

Today, Georgia Wells and Aaron Tilley with the Wall Street Journal reported that Oracle is expected to win the bidding for the U.S. operations of the short video sharing app TikTok, their knowledgeable sources stated, beating out Microsoft in a high profile deal to save a hit social media app that has actually been caught within the middle of a geopolitical battle.

TikTok Deal May Avoid Ban

Oracle Corp. ORCL -0.58% won the bidding for the U.S. operations of the video-sharing app TikTok, people familiar with the matter said, beating out Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.65% in a high-profile deal to salvage a social-media sensation that has been caught in the middle of a geopolitical standoff.

Oracle is expected to be revealed as a trusted tech partner of TikTok within the United States, and the offer is most likely not going to be structured as a straight sale, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The crucial next step is for the White House and the Committee on Foreign Investment within the United States to authorize the deal, stated one of the sources, adding that the individuals believe that it satisfies the issues related to information security that have actually been raised in the recent past by the U.S. government.

This news comes days after the Chinese government tossed settlements into doubt when it issued some new export restrictions late last month on the style of expert technology systems TikTok utilizes. The algorithms, which are used to figure out which videos should be served to users and are also seen as TikTok's secret sauce, were thought about part of the offer negotiations up until the new Chinese policy change raised new questions over how to value the social media app.

A couple of individuals familiar with the Oracle deal have stated it was better suited to call it a partnership, instead of an acquisition, suggesting that the current setup would likely not be a significant exchange of assets.

Other Recent News Articles - TikTok Releases A New Feature Named Stitch

President Donald Trump has stated repeatedly that he would shut down TikTok within the United States if it wasn't offered to an American business by Sept. 15, 2020. On August 6th, the White House released an executive order, which provided ByteDance a 45 day time frame before it would ban the app. TikTok would be banned because the Trump administration says that it presents both a financial and national security risk, if it isn't offered to up to a buyer with in the United States. The 45 day time frame would end on September 20th. Either way we should know quite a bit more within the next couple days to a week at the most. Its good to see that it won't likely be banned since it has turned out to be a great way to grow a large following or fan base.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/microsoft-drops-out-of-bidding-for-tiktoks-u-s-operations-11600039821

TikTok Releases A New Feature Called Stitch

Last week TikTok announced a new editing feature called Stitch.

Stitch gives users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own. Similar to Duet, Stitch is a way to reinterpret and add to another user’s content, building on their stories, tutorials, recipes, lessons, and more.

When you publish a video on TikTok, your creations and imagination has the potential to ignite a domino effect. Videos can start brand-new trends, inspire Duets, and transform into remixes. Last week, TikTok revealed the launch of a brand-new editing feature called Stitch, which presents yet another method for users to engage with the world of content that’s made and shared each and every day by the creative TikTok community.

Stitch provides users the ability to clip and incorporate scenes from another user’s video into their own. Similar to Duet, Stitch is a method to reinterpret and add to another user’s material, elaborate or comment on their stories, tutorials, recipes, mathematics lessons, and more.

Users can choose in their settings whether other TikTokers can Stitch their material, just like with Duet. The settings can be accessed on the Privacy & Safety page under ‘Settings and Privacy,’ where users can either allow or disable Stitch for all videos. The choice can likewise be toggled for each individual video published. Every video made with Stitch attributes the initial creator in the new video’s caption, and the caption attribution links straight to the initial, clipped video.

TikTok states they are positive they will be delighted and shocked by the community’s resourcefulness in developing with it and bringing brand-new stories to life. The possibilities are truly endless!  Also keep in mind, sometimes new features are given extra exposure so take advantage of it while you can and leverage their algorithm.  

How to use the brand-new Stitch feature:

  • To utilize the brand-new Stitch function, follow these easy guidelines:
  • Open the TikTok app, discover a video you wish to Stitch, and hit the “Send to” button.
  • Press the “Stitch” button.
  • Select as much as five seconds from the video. You can cut the clip to your preferred duration.
  • Record your addition to the Stitched clip
  • Start Stitching together your videos for a new level of storytelling!

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