What are tiktok bots?

TikTok bots work on the same principle as a traditional Instagram bot, giving the tool audience guidelines and custom filters, which it then uses to automate the activity of liking, commenting, and following other accounts’ posts and profiles on a large scale. In other words, using a share bot to artificially increase the shares of your videos is against TikTok’s rules and could result in your account being suspended if TikTok finds out. Where your Twitter posts or Instagram photos may get little to no interaction, TikTok’s content algorithms direct viewers to almost everyone, driving many TikTok users to get thousands (if not millions) of views, even though they can’t find much traction with competing apps.

According to TikTok’s official community guidelines, fake engagement includes any content or activity aimed at artificially boosting popularity on the platform. And as share bots are becoming increasingly popular, TikTok is just warning to be aware of people who are trying to play the system. Just go to your computer, find the share bot on the Replit website, enter the video link, and type in how many shares you want. While it’s hard to stand out on every social media platform, TikTok’s For You page makes it a lot easier.

Growing a large TikTok audience is easier said than done, and for some users, they’re trying to take a shortcut with the viral TikTok share bot. The prospect of instantly getting millions of shares in a video sounds appealing, but if you don’t want to land on the bad side of TikTok, you’d better ignore the share bot and build your audience in an honest way.

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