Fueltok Review

What is Fueltok?

Fueltok's main service is a Tik Tok bot that helps you grow your fan base passively.  It does this by automating actions like follows, unfollows, likes, and comments while interacting with other accounts within your niche.  

Automate Your Growth on Tik Tok

Fueltok Features

  • Automate  Follow / Unfollow,  Likes, & Comments
  • Target by hashtag, location,  or the followers of specific accounts in your niche
  • 7 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required


There are multiple bots that provide some of the same features, however we have not found any that matches all of the features that Fueltok provides.  Jeffrey was a cheaper option if you only needed to follow/unfollow, but they have since shut down their service.

FuelTok Pros and Cons


  • Set & forget growth after its setup
  • In depth targeting and filtering
  • 7 Day Free Trial - No credit card required


  • Comment likes are on the roadmap and will be available in a couple weeks
  • Auto direct messages are are planned and will be available in a couple weeks

Is Fueltok.com Legit?

Fueltok is a legit software as a service.  Some people say its a scam, but I disagree since they offer a 7 day free trial.  There have been short periods of times where it is down after a TikTok update though.

Fueltok does have some bad reviews since there are short periods of time where it will not work, right after a TikTok update.  This is normal  for software like this.  If you sign up for the trial and it isn't working, ask when when it should be up and running again.  If it isn't by then, just don't sign up for the paid version.  You don't have anything to lose since they have a free trial.  Try back every week or so to see if they have it working again.  Sometimes it can take some time depending on the amount of changes TikTok makes.  


Fueltok is the best option we've found for a well rounded bot that can perform follow, unfollow, likes, and comments.  Its available at a reasonable price and even has a free 7 day trial that does not require a credit card.    You won't regret testing out their 7 day trial.

Fueltok also provides services for buying TikTok views, likes, and followers as well.  


Last Updated:  July 5, 2022
By Scott

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