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This post outlines some of the best Tik Tok bots that are currently available.  Directly below you will find a list of the best tiktok bots by brand and features.  This post includes follow/unfollow bots, like bots, comment bots, share bots, view bots, report bots, and any other TikTok bot you could think of.  For more general information on the different automation functions and types of bots, use the Table of Contents to jump to the section you are interested in.  

How Do TikTok Bots Work?
TikTok bots work the same way that other social media bots work. You choose target audiences based on hashtags or an accounts followers, and the bot will automate interactions by following, liking, and commenting on relevant Tik Tok videos and profiles in bulk.

Fueltok TikTok Bot Logo


Are you looking to grow your Tiktok following, but don't have enough time?  Learning to bot TikTok is one of the best ways to utilize automation and get your content viewed by more TikTok users that have a good chance of becoming fans or customers.  Fueltok was our number one recommendation when it comes to using TikTok bots to grow your TikTok fan base.  However, they have since shutdown.  For this reason, you should skip to our next recommendation. 

Fueltok will help you grow your asdccount by automating the process of following and liking TikTok accounts that are interested in your content.  

They will receive a notification that you followed them or liked their content.  This is one of the best ways to build your brand awareness and put your content in front of potential fans or customers.  As long as you have decent content a large percentage will follow you back.

FuelTok's advanced targeting features allow you to target accounts based on hashtags, locations, or the followers of a competitor or target account in your niche.  You can filter your targeting for additional quality by specifying a minimum number of followers, activity, etc.   

Fueltok Targeting

You can expect to gain roughly 50 to 200 new followers every day when using an automation tool like FuelTok.  This is not only one of the safest ways to grow your account, but also one of the best since it can help ensure your followers are active and interested in the content you post.  Read our in depth Fueltok review here. 

Overall, FuelTok is the best TikTok bot we found.  Its a tool you need to take advantage of if you are serious about your TikTok growth strategy.  Especially since they offer a 7 day free trial.

FuelTok Features

  • Auto Follow / Unfollow & Like
  • Newly Released Features: Auto Comment, Liking Comments, & Auto DM 
  • Target by hashtag, location, or an account's followers
  • Filter by activity or number of followers
  • 7 Day Free Trial

Social Pire aka BHBots Logo

Socialpire is a cloud based TikTok automation software that is relatively new to the market.  The creators behind it have been around for a while though and sell other software as well on their website, BHBots.  They also have a popular YouTube bot. Their bot has come a long way and even has the ability to schedule posts and DM your new followers.

The Social Pire Tik Tok bot can help you automate following, unfollowing, and interacting with up to 20 different target sources.  The sources can be either the followers of an account or hashtags.  Socialpire uses  a real browser with unique fingerprints to keep your accounts safe.  The only other thing you would need are high quality proxies.   

Socialpire starts at $35 per month for managing 10 accounts.  I like that they have made it very affordable to manage multiple accounts.  Support has been responsive and said they do have additional features planned on their roadmap, but did not have a time frame.  They recently added some new features which may make this the best bot on the market.  The only downside, is that they do not offer a free trial.  


  • Automate Follows & Unfollows
  • Target by account or hashtag
  • Schedule Posts
  • DM New Followers
  • Emulates human behavior, unique fingerprints, proxy support
  • Manage 10 accounts for $35 per month

Ninjatok TikTok Bot Logo

Ninjatok is another bot that is actually a desktop software.  We are currently testing it out and will write up a detailed review after that.  It does have some promising features like TikTok video post scheduling.  I like the features, but it does run fairly slow, if the browser is open.  I'm curious to see if there is any downside to running without it.  Ninjatok does what its supposed to, so I will be adding a longer review here in the near future. 

Overall, Ninjatok would be a good option for people who want to run many accounts for large scale TikTok promotions.  Similar to how people used the mother/child method on Instagram, Ninjatok would make it possible for people to utilize a TikTok mother child method.  The only other thing you would need are high quality proxies.   Learn more about Ninjatok in our review.  


  • Schedule Posts
  • Follow / Unfollow & Like
  • Comment Likes 
  • Target by username
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

TikTokBot.co Logo

TikTokBot is an alternative you might want to check out.  It is more expensive at $25 per week.  However it does include a dedicated account manager.  They don't have a free trial, but they do offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  

The offer all of the standard features their competitors have.  However, the one automation feature they have that sets them apart is the ability to like comments.  Comment like bots are in high demand and can be a good way to get your potential follower's attention.  

Overall, TikTokBot is a great option if you are looking for a comment likes bot.  One disadvantage is not having hashtag targeting, but that isn't a big problem since username targeting will typically bring you better results.  


  • Follow / Unfollow & Like
  • Comment Likes 
  • Target by username
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

TokUpgrade - Possible Scam

TokUpgrade Growth Services Gets Real TikTok Followers

Update - We have since found out that TokUpgrade could be a potential scam - at the very least they are not paying there affiliates.  Because of this, we do NOT recommend them.  

TokUpgrade is slightly different from the rest of the software listed on this page.  It is actually a fully managed growth service.  You sign up and then they do all of the work growing your account.  They are also supposed to provide an account manager for their automation services.

You will tell them who your target audience is and then they will start engaging with your ideal followers.  They provide real followers and safe and secure Tik Tok growth.  At this time, we cannot recommend them since they are not paying affiliates, which could be a sign of more problems that may arise in the future.

TokUpgrade Features

  • Fully Managed Service For TikTok Growth
  • Target by niche, hashtag, followers of an account, etc


Instazood Logo

Instazood was one of the first bots we found for Tiktok.  It will help you automate the following actions to grow your TikTok account:  Follows, Unfollows, Likes, and Comments.  It has two main options for targeting which include: 1) targeting users by the hashtags they use and 2) targeting all of the users who follow specific accounts within your niche.  Some additional filtering is possible to increase the account quality.

Not all of their competitors offer the same features, and most aren't able to do it at the same price Instazood does. Overall, we recommend trying Instazood first since its only $14.99 a month.

Instazood Features

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Like Automation
  • Comment Automation
  • Target by hashtag or account
  • $14.99 each month


AutoTokker TikTok Automation Software

Autotokker is one of the first TikTok automation bots that created a lot of buzz across the web.  It can perform both follows and unfollows, however it does not currently support likes or comments.  This really limits the applicability of Autotokker.  

It is a cloud based service, so there is no need to download any software.  It does mention that it includes a high quality proxy for free.  Overall its a good bot, but the disadvantages are that it doesn't automate likes or comments and its high price at $44.99 a month.  

Features of Autotokker

  • Follows / Unfollows
  • Target by hashtag, followers of an account, or location
  • $44.99 each month

Try Jeffrey

Try Jeffrey TikTok Automation Bot

Try Jeffrey is no longer taking on new clients.  Previously their bot helped automate the process of following and unfollowing targeted accounts.   They are now focusing on their TikTok influencer marketing software, which you may want to checkout.  It will be most useful to people who want to grow their following VERY quickly.  This will help you grow by leveraging accounts that already have a large and targeted following.  Pay them a small fee to mention or "shout" out your account, brand, product, service, etc.  

Social Masters

Social Masters TikTok Bot

Social Masters is another tiktok bot that has similar features to Instazood.  It can automate follow / unfollow, likes and comments.  It can also target by hashtags or account.  Overall the features are similar to Instazood, however the price is significantly more at $24.99 every month.  

Social Masters Features

  • Automate Follows
  • Automate Likes
  • Automate Comments
  • Target by hashtag or account
  • $24.99 a month

IG Bees

IG Bees TikTok Bot Website

IG Bees is another another automation tool for TikTok.  It helps grow your account by automating follows, likes, views, and comments.  We are testing out the trial now and will add on to this and write up a full review.  I'm curious to see if there are some unique ways to use their view feature.  

IG Bees Features

  • Following Automation
  • Liking Automation
  • Commenting Automation
  • Target by hashtag or account

InstAmber TikTok Bot

Instamber  TikTok Bots Website

InstAmber is yet another automation software for Tik Tok that will help you automate the following actions:  Follows, Unfollows, Likes, and Comments.  It can target accounts based on hashtags, location, or competitor and then filter using things like gender or the number of followers or followings.  The main disadvantage is the lack of functionality for automating likes or comments.

Instamber does have a 3 day trial for $1 and after that their first plan starts at $15 per month.  

InstAmber Features

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Target by hashtag, location, or account
  • $15 per month

Honorable Mentions


Jarvee is another bot worth mentioning, however last time I checked, the developer said it wasn't working, but they were still working on their bot for TikTok.  

Their software works on many social media websites, making it slightly different from the rest of the bots listed on this page.  If they can fix their TikTok software we will definitely give it another try and update this page.  

Unfortunately, Jarvee has shut down their service in late 2022.  Luckily there are some alternatives that can still accomplish the most of the same tasks that Jarvee automated.



Ninjatok is another bot that is actually a desktop software.  We are currently testing it out and will write up a detailed review after that.  It does have some promising features like TikTok video post scheduling.  I like the features, but it does run fairly slow, if the browser is open.  I'm curious to see if there is any downside to running without it.  Ninjatok does what its supposed to, so I will be adding a longer review here in the near future. 


What Is A Tik Tok Bot?

A bot is a type of software that is used to automate a social media platform or app such as TikTok.  They are often used to automate the same functions or actions that you would typically do within the app.  Most bots for TikTok automate actions like follows, unfollows, likes, comments, etc.  Posts are another action that are typically automated, however most of the TikTok automation tools do not have the capability to post yet.  The best way to use a TikTok bot is to increase your TikTok engagement.  TikTok bots are one of many ways to help your TikTok profile go viral.

How Do TikTok Bots Work?

TikTok bots work similarly to how an Instagram bot works.  You supply it with target accounts or hashtags and then it will engage with the followers of those accounts or the people who interact with those hashtags since they are your ideal followers.  The software will follow, like, and comment on the posts and profiles of those accounts so they become aware of your content and some of them will follow you and watch your videos.  Since it is automated and done at scale this makes it a very passive but successful tactic.  If you are looking to bot TikTok you are in the right place.  

Are TikTok Tools & Bots Safe to Use?

As of now, they are safe to use, but can cause action blocks on your account.  Make sure the bot will stop performing actions as soon as it encounters a block.  The safest way to use automation software would be to use it on a secondary account that will then promote your main account to the followers it gains by doing things like friending accounts.  

The 3 Main Types Of Bots For TikTok

Follower Bots For TikTok

A TikTok follow bot is a type of automation tool that will help you automate both following and unfollowing targeted accounts.  This can help grow your fan base and increase your TikTok followers by basically giving these people who would likely be interested in your account a nudge to show that you exist.  Some will investigate your account to see who is following them and if you have good content, a decent amount of them will follow you back.  Learn more about TikTok follower bots here.  You can also learn about the TikTok safe daily action limits here. 

Like Bot

A TikTok likes bot (also called a like app) will help you automate liking the content of target accounts.  The likes can be targeted using hashtags, accounts they follow, and some bots can also target by location.  This can helps to grow your following just like the follow bot above does.  Some of these people will check out your account and if you have good content, a decent amount of them may engage with your content.   Learn more about like bots here.

Comment Bot

A comment bot will help you automate commenting on the content of accounts you are targeting.  Accounts can be targeted using hashtags, accounts they follow, location, etc.  This can help grow your following faster than other methods since it can get you in front of not only the targeted account, but also all of their followers.  Being the first person to comment on posts from large accounts shortly can be very beneficial if you are able to comment quickly and add some genuine or valuable information that could help people.    

Comment Likes Bot

A comment likes bot helps you generate more likes on your TikTok comments.  Its different from a normal like bot because it is actually liking individual comments themselves rather than a video.  This can be a great way to get your comment more exposure when you comment on accounts with lots of fans.  Buying TikTok comment likes can be a better alternative.  We provide a service that delivers comment likes from real accounts for people who would rather not run a bot.  

View Bot

A view bot will allow you to use multiple accounts to increase the number of views on your TikTok videos.  Unfortunately we have not been able to find a quality one at this time.

Share Bot

Share bots help you automate the process of sharing your videos from a variety of accounts, to start simulating viral growth.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a quality bot for shares yet.  

Report Bot

Don't be a jerk.  Social media gives normal people a chance to spread messages and make the world a better place.  Don't be an ass.  Beat your competitors fair and square by using a service like Fueltok.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing A TikTok Bot

One of the biggest differences between TikTok bots is whether they run in the cloud, need to be downloaded and run on your computer or server, or an app that is downloaded and run from your phone.

Cloud Based Software

We prefer cloud based software, such as Fueltok, for both ease of setup, use, and maintenance. The only disadvantage would be the additional cost since the provider is running the software on their own servers. If you plan on running 100s of accounts then running software on your own server is likely a better option.

Software Based

A software such as Jarvee, needs to be downloaded and then run on either your own computer or server. This can be less expensive, if you plan on botting at large scales. However if you are only running a smaller number of accounts it is overkill and more expensive than alternatives.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are the third option. You will need to install it on your phone and keep it running yourself. Check on whether it will run 24/7 in the background, or if you need to manually start it every so often. This would be the most limited and our least recommended option. Another reason to stay away from these, is that some look like they could be scams based on their reviews. If that's the case, its possible they are doing it to get you to install malware or something nefarious on your phone.

Browser Extension

Browser extensions are another, but less popular type of bot. There are one or two available, but the ones we have tested aren't always kept up to date since they are one time payments.  Any time TikTok is updated they will need to be updated as well since they are running in your browser on top of TikTok.

Another good way to grow your audience is by using a TikTok influencer platform to purchase shout outs, product reviews, etc.

Conclusion:  Fueltok is one of the leading TikTok bots on the market.  It uses the follow unfollow method, comment, likes, and more to grow your accounts.  They have good customer support via chat on their website.  Best of all, there is no risk to giving it a try because of the free 7 day trial (that does not require a credit card to be entered).  

Last Updated - June 14, 2024

By Scott

  • April 24, 2022 - Added Socialpire's newest features
  • October 31, 2021 - Expanded upon the Ninjatok section and moved it further up the page.  
  • Ninjatok and Jarvee were added to the list.  
  • Added a paragraph about not using a TikTok report bot.