How To Get More Views On TikTok To Go Viral

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TikTok is possibly the most addictive and fastest growing social media platform that we have seen. Its no wonder that influencers, brands, and everyday people are all trying to take advantage and grow a fan base. Out of today's popular social networks, Tik Tok is the one that still gives you the best chance of growing a large following and even going viral. For that reason, a lot of people are asking the following question.

How To Get Enough TikTok Views To Go Viral?

The good news is that there are some things you have control over or can influence that will help you get more views on your videos.  Plan out your content so you can keep it engaging enough that people will watch it the full way through. Engagement and more specifically completion rate (how many viewers watch your video the full way through) play a very important part in whether your videos get shown to a large number of people, in addition to your Tiktok fans.

The TikTok algorithm favors videos that get watched the full way through. For this reason you should try to draw your viewers in within the first few seconds of the video and keep their interest through to the end of the video. One way to do this, is add some text in the caption that will add suspense or give people a reason to watch the video through until the end.

Increase Other Forms Of Engagement Such As Likes, Comments, and Shares

  • Ask viewers to like the video or share it with their friends.
  • Ask viewers to answer a question or leave feedback in the form of a comment.
  • Go back in to the comments and interact with your viewers later, creating even more future interaction.
  • Use the caption to give your viewers a call to action.
  • Create the video so the end loops right back into the beginning naturally or give them a reason to watch a second time, for example so they can finish reading some text that you went through quickly and accidentally didn't give them enough time to pause on.

How To Get Views On TikTok Right Now

Another option is to use a service like Fueltok to improve your engagement.  This is likely one of the easiest ways to get more views on a TikTok video.  You can actually buy views on TikTok from real accounts via their views service.  This can be a way to help give your video a boost during the vital time where TikTok is trying to evaluate the quality of your video. This can help it get pushed out to more people sooner than it would have otherwise.

If you do decide to buy TikTok views, just make sure it is from a reputable provider that provides real views.
Fueltok has some unique features with their real views service, the views will start right away, but they also give you the ability to choose the delivery speed. This allows you to select how long of a time span the views will be delivered over. The options include: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, or 1 day, as seen in the image below.   

Fueltok Views Speed

I like this feature because it will help make it look natural because you can select a setting that is reasonable for your account. You can buy views for a single post, but they also have a monthly option which will get you a minimum of 500 views on the first video you post each day during those 30 days.

Use A Free TikTok Hashtag Generator To Strategically Choose Hashtags

Select your hashtags strategically. Use a free TikTok hashtag generator like
Select hashtags which will give a good chance of competing to get into the top 6 or so videos. Check the videos that are currently in the top 6 spots for a hashtag to see if you can get a similar # of views, likes, comments, etc.

I entered #entrepreneurship in the example shown in the screenshot below which had 3700 posts and 32 million views. It spit out closely related hashtags, plus other data like the number of posts, views, average view count per post, etc, for each of them. This is a good way to find less competitive hashtags that will be easier to rank at the top of the page for.

Tiktok Hashtags Tool

Check Your Engagement Rate Versus Competitors To Find New Ideas

Use a free tool like Hype Auditor's Engagement Rate Calculator to analyze other accounts in your niche.  Check out the accounts that are doing well and see if you can get some ideas that you could implement with your own videos to increase your view time and engagement.

The following image shows a sample of what the free engagement calculator will show you. In addition to the engagement, it also displays the account's follower counts, total videos, and average likes counts. It would also be useful for people who do influencer marketing and need to find the creators with the most engaged audience for potential shoutouts or collaborations.

Free Tik Tok Engagement Calclulator

No matter which route you go while answering your question of how to get TikTok views, this article should have given you some ideas that will fit any budget or skill level.  You might want to check out one of our related posts on things like automation software or Tik Tok post planners.  

Updated: April 18, 2021

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