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Do you feel like you are invisible on Tiktok despite all your efforts to be seen? Well, there are ways you can improve your visibility without going viral. All you need is to find the right tools to help increase your tiktok followers and likes.

Trying to get more followers all by yourself can be a long and stressful process that requires too much effort and time. Although it's a process you can easily be proud of, however, it is not necessary, especially when there are tools that can help you get the job done.

Here, you will find the best TikTok tools that will help you grow your fan base on the platform.  There are two main categories of TikTok Tools that people primarily use to boost their following. The first is tiktok automation tools and bots. The second is managed growth services who manage the account on your behalf.  Some use software or apps while others perform actions manually.  As a bonus we'll also cover some free tiktok marketing tools like hashtag generators.

TikTok Automation Tools & Bots

Automation tools are software that automates your TikTok account and engages with potential followers or customers on autopilot. They can perform a variety of actions including follows, unfollows, comments, likes, or direct messages.



Fueltok is our first choice among all the TikTok tools because it provides you with real and organic engagement. They are one of the few tools that offer a 7 day free trial that does not require a credit card. They seem to stand behind their product much more than any of their competitors.

This tool helps you to automatically engage your targeted audience. It is a TikTok bot that helps you follow the accounts and like the posts of your target audience. This gives them a nudge to let them know that your account or brand exists. As long as you have content that they should be interested in, there is a very good chance they will watch your videos and some will follow you back.

Fueltok was easy to set up and get running.  After you login, you will choose up to five accounts within your niche to target.  Make sure at least a couple of them have more than 10,000 followers.  Its really important to choose wisely and make sure their followers will like your content so you get a decent number of followers for the actions performed.  

As shown in the image below, next you will select settings like whether or not to follow and unfollow, and the speed at which it will follow your target prospects.  If you want, you can turn on the advanced settings and use them to fine tune the filters to increase the quality of the accounts you follow.  

Fueltok Follow Tool Settings

Fueltok’s advanced filtering will help you build a strong and reliable fan base of only the most targeted and active followers. They also have additional features on their road map like comments, auto direct messages, and comment likes that will be rolled out in the near future. 

  • The Follow /  Unfollow Strategy Works Well With Little Effort
  • Easy To Setup And Get Running
  • Target By Hashtag, Account, or Location
  • 7 Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required!

Overall, Fueltok is a tiktok tool that is easy to use, fast to set up, and is a safe and secure way to grow your followers in a fast, but still organic manner. They are one of the few tools that offer a 7 day free trial that does not require a credit card.  Fueltok will help you gain more followers, views, and tiktok likes to your content.  They seem to stand behind their product and have additional features that will soon be released.  Using their bot will give you more time to focus on creating your best content rather than spending time manually interacting with potential followers.  These are all reasons why Fueltok is our first choice when it comes to TikTok tools.


AutoTokker TikTok Software

AutoTokker is another bot that uses the follow / unfollow method to get you more tiktok engagement. Its a web based app just like Fueltok.  They say that you can achieve follow back rates as high as 30% - 60%.  It has been around for a while, but unfortunately it's also the most expensive tool on this list at $44.99 per month.  They have a 3 day trial. Overall, they have similar features to Fueltok, their main disadvantage is the much higher price.  


Instazood Tik Tok

Instazood is a tiktok bot that does claim to have additional automation features like follows, unfollows, comments, and likes.  It offers a 5 day trial.  It can target users based on hashtags or you can target all of an accounts followers.  The one negative is that they do have quite a few negative reviews.  If you check out the Trust Pilot account, they have a 1.7 star rating from over 300 reviews.  Do your research if you do decide to go this route.


Try Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a Tik Tok follow / unfollow tool that was similar to AutoTokker. It helped you automate engaging with your ideal fans to help make them aware of your content or brand. Unfortunately they have since shut down their service. They did start offering a tool that helps you find and reach out to tiktok influencers that would be useful for people interested in doing shoutouts, though. 

TikTok Growth Services & Tools

Growth services are the second type of tool we will cover in this article.  They are often managed services where the provider runs a tiktok tool, automation software, or manually engages on your account rather than you doing it yourself.  This can be an alternative for people who have a large budget or less time to do the work themselves and would prefer a done for you solution.  


TokUpgrade - Get Real TikTok Followers

TokUpgrade is slightly different from the first tik tok tools listed. It's actually a managed service, which does make it significantly more expensive, but also makes it less work for you. They will engage with your target audience to help grow your following. 

Using a managed service will require less of your time, but it will also give you less control over how well the engagement they provide targets your ideal audience. TokUpgrade could be a good solution for people who are OK with paying a premium to save some time, and also don’t mind having less control over the actions performed.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy's TikTok Tool

Social Buddy is a similar service. Their tiktok tool is an app that helps you get noticed by real people and even influencers. It will help grow your fan base and views as well as long as they like your content.

Target the followers of your competitors or influencer accounts within your industry. Hashtags are another way they can target and interact with potential fans. They mention an estimate of 10-50 followers per day which is a natural organic growth rate.

Social Buddy is one of the more expensive options we have mentioned at $99 per month. They call it a service, but I could not confirm whether or not it was fully managed. In that price range, I would hope it's managed, but I will try to confirm that and update. 


Vire TikTok Service

Vire is another managed TikTok service.  One thing that sets them apart from the other managed growth tools, is that they do say exactly how they will grow your account. Their team will like videos, occasionally comment, follow, and unfollow people on your behalf to increase the engagement on your account.

They have a 3 day trial, but after that its $29 per week, making this one of the most expensive services listed on this page. If I wanted to use a managed service, this would be the one I would use first, but I prefer to have more granular control over the actions that are being performed. This is why I like using a tik tok tool like Fueltok that leaves me in complete control of the settings, targeting, and number of actions performed. 

Tok Social

TokSocial Services

TokSocial is similar to TokUpgrade in that it is also a managed service rather than a software or automation tool that you pay for and then use yourself.  They provide you a 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager to help ensure your growth and success.  They say that they provide real targeted followers and that they do not use bots to encourage account growth. Their website states “No bots, no spam & no fake followers. Just real targeted organic growth powered by the most advanced technology.”  Their service also starts at $15 per week.  

Free TikTok Hashtag Generator Tools

Tiktok Hashtags Tool

If you need some help brainstorming ideas for hashtags to use on your tiktoks, check out  It is a hashtag generator tool for Tiktok.  Enter you main hashtag, press search, and it will bring up the most relevant hashtags along with stats you can use to select the hashtags that will give you the best chance of ranking in the top videos for.  Here are the leading hashtags for #entrepreneur along with stats like the number of posts, views, and average number of views per post.   

Summary - In conclusion, we prefer using a Tiktok tool like Fueltok and setting it up on our own.  This way you can make sure you are only targeting the most engaged people within your niche.  You can also check once in a while and change settings as needed.  After that its a fairly passive method for tiktok growth.  If you want a done for you solution, check out the growth services like TokUpgrade.  This will cost more and give you less control, but if you are looking for a completely passive option it could be worth a try.  

Last Updated: April 18, 2021

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