When Is The Best Time To Post On TikTok

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The best time to post on Tiktok is when your audience is awake, less busy, and can engage, interact, or share your videos.  This time can be different as a result of differences in global time zones and schedules for the days of the week.

However, there are more interactions and viewership on Tiktok videos during the weekends compared to the engagement on normal days of the week.

An average social media user is work-free on Saturdays and Sundays. So, evening is a great time to post your videos.

Reports show that videos posted in the early hours of Friday, mid hours of Thursday, morning and evenings of Saturdays and Sundays have high engagement levels.

Like I said earlier, this time frame is not a fundamental rule for all.

The easiest way to know when and how to post on Tiktok is to study analytics.  Understanding its features will give you the ability to maximize your views and engagement on Tiktok.

What is TikTok Analytics?

Tiktok Analytics is a built-in personalized dashboard overview that is limited to Tiktok pro account users, which offers you the ability to see your top-performing videos, followers, and profile performance for a week interval.

Understanding and tracking your statistics and finding the best trends help grant you insight into how to post, who to post for, and when to post.

TikTok Pro accounts also grant you access to knowing your audience's location, top territories, gender, and the overall overview of your content.  TikTok analytics will be vital if you want to determine the times your audience is most engaged.  

How To Switch To Tiktok Pro

To switch to Tiktok pro account, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Open your Tiktok app
  2. Visit your profile
  3. Click on the three dots located on the top right hand of your screen
  4. Select manage my account
  5. Click on the switch to pro account
  6. Verify your phone number if there is a need to

Congratulations, now you have full access to a Tiktok pro account.

Start digging into your analytics to see how well previous videos performed.  See if you notice any trends that will help you find the best times to post content for your followers.  Keep in mind that the times can change over time as your TikTok account grows.  

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