TikTok Follower Bot | Automate Follows & Unfollows

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What Is A Follow Bot?

A Follow / Unfollow bot is a software tool that will help you automate the action of following and unfollowing accounts on TikTok.  Follower bots are one of the most passive ways to grow a social account.  

It will essentially give the accounts you are targeting a nudge or notification to help them realize you exist.  Some of them will click through and check out your account to see who is following them and then, if you have good content, a decent amount of them could decide to follow you back.  Quality content does make a big difference when using a tactic like this.  

What To Consider When Choosing A Bot?

Reliability and security are two obvious things to consider.  A bot needs to run fairly consistently to spread a high number of actions out over time.  Security is obviously important since you don't want to lose an account.  The next thing to consider is targeting.  Most allow you to target based on hashtags, location, or you can also target all of an accounts followers.  The last option if perfect for targeting all of your competitor's followers and even increasing your brand awareness from scratch.  

Should You Use A TikTok Bot?

A follow bot isn't necessarily a good or bad thing.  It can be used to get your content in front of people who will definitely enjoy it, and they may have never seen it otherwise.  On the other end of the spectrum it could be used with zero targeting to spam all of TikTok, resulting in a worse experience for users and likely no results for the spammer either.  If you have good targeting, you can make use of it ethically, and likely end up getting good results as well.  

If you are interested in checking them out look into Instazood or TokUpgrade if you want a more hands off approach.

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