The Best Way To Get Verified On TikTok 2021

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  • The verification process is always done through a TikTok representative.
  • WARNING: If someone reaches out to you first about verification, it is NEARLY ALWAYS a TikTok account verification scam. TikTok users always need to reach out to TikTok first if they want to get a verified badge.
  • Reach out to TikTok to request verification.
  • Next they should send you a link to fill out their TikTok verification form.
  • The verification form will ask for the following criteria:
    • Your Category
    • Your Username or handle
    • Full name of the individual or company
    • Full name of the account operator
    • Email for the accounts operator
  • They will likely ask you to supply any media coverage, news site articles, or PR that you have been featured or mentioned in. HARO, aka Help A Reporter Out, is the easiest way to start getting mentioned by journalists and publishers.
  • Having an established presence on multiple other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Being verified on other social media platforms will also increase your chances.

In the past, having an account with 1 to 2 million active followers increased your chances for verification. Now they are more strict and want to verify only a notable account. looking at who you are and what you can bring to their platform. Follower amount is much less important. However, having followings on another social media platform can be beneficial.

On a side note, there are software bots or tools that can help you increase your following.  

Need to be a public figure or notable person, including outside of TikTok. 

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