Instazood Review and Alternatives

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Instazood was one of the first TikTok bots available to the public.  Their bot currently automates follows, unfollows, likes and comments.  One advantage they have is previous success with Instagram bots.  Hopefully they bring some of the same functionality that is available in their Instagram bots to TikTok in the near future.  Some of the features we are hoping for include scheduling posts, message after follow, etc.  

Instazood Website


  • Automate follow / unfollow
  • Automate likes
  • Automate comments
  • Target by location, the followers of specific accounts, or hashtag users.


  • Automate follows, unfollows, likes, and comments.
  • Target users by the hashtags they use or the accounts they follow.


  • Can't schedule posts at this time.


Overall Instazood has created a decent bot that is a good combination of the most useful features at a reasonable price.  

Does Instazood Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Instazood offers a 3 day free trial, and no credit card is required.

Last Updated: 7-26-2020

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