TikTok’s Daily Action Limits – The Guide To Avoiding Follow Blocks

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This post will cover TikTok's daily action limits plus additional information you will need to consider when using growth strategies that include automation or things like follow/unfollow.  

Keep in mind, that every account is different so you should SLOWLY work your way up toward the limit over a week or two.  If you get blocked, let the account rest a little while and try increasing even slower.  If you keep getting blocks, then you may have hit the limit for that account.  

There are a number of factors that influence how much TikTok trusts your account so you may want to try using a proxy or a higher quality proxy, different automation software or at least slower settings, etc.  The age and trust of the account will also affect the limits.  

What are the daily follow limits on TikTok?

The daily follow limits for TikTok are around 200 follows in 24 hours.  Some accounts can do more, but this is safe target as of now.  You should also limit how many follows you perform in an hour or in a row.  Try performing roughly 10-15 then take a short break.  Over time you can increase this or increase the number of times you perform them.  If you are using an automation tool you can run it at about 25 follows per hour and 8 hours a day to get to the target.  

If you follow too many people too quickly, you may get a notification that says "limit reached you are unable to follow."  TikTok utilizes like these to prevent bots from gaming their systems.  Stop any actions on your account and let it rest for atleast 24 hours.  Start it back up slowly after that and try to switch up your settings to avoid it happening again.  

You may need to perform follows at a slower speed or do less of them in a row, which could spread them out more over the course of the day.  You will need to experiment and see what works best with your account.  You can learn more about how follow bots work here.

What are the unfollow limits for TikTok?

The daily limits for unfollows on TikTok are 200.  You will also want to limit how many unfollows you perform during an operation as well.  Example - you could do 10 - 15 unfollows then give it a rest for 10 - 15 minutes before starting more actions.   

What are daily like limits on TikTok?

You can perform up to 500 likes per day on TikTok before hitting their limit.  Keep in mind that account quality varies and you should increase slowly.  Like I mentioned above, you will also want to limit the number of likes you do during an operation.  I don't perform as many likes so the safe limit could be lower than that depending on when you are reading this.  

Now is a good time to reiterate that all accounts are different and may be able to perform more or less actions each day.  A lot of factors affect this and its best that you start off slowly and increase the actions slowly over time.  If you start getting blocks, slow it down and stay there for a while.  After a week try increasing it again, if you get more blocks, you may have reached the limit for that account.  

Successful automation is possible, so if you care nowhere near these limits and having trouble, feel free to reach out, there are probably some significant changes that could be made to help.  

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