TikTok Share Bot [Must Read Before You Get Banned!]

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Tik Tok Share Bot Questions

What Does A Share Bot Do On TikTok?

Share bots make the claim they can provide your videos an infinite number of shares with just a few clicks. However, you need to read this article before you use one.

TikTok still has more organic reach than any other mainstream social media network. Content creators who post interesting and engaging videos can typically grow fast organically. Some people are still looking for easy hacks such as a share bot to help grow their following and views even faster.

Some of these creators are now searching for share bots which will automate the process of sharing your video a ridiculous amount of times. This is done by running a script with shares your video a set number of times you choose.

Within the past month or two TikTok has been overrun with users demonstrating how to artificially increase shares of TikTok videos using the website often referred to as the Tik Tok share bot.  There also many other types of
automation tools for TikTok that can be found in this post.  

Replit Share Bot For TikTok

It is surprisingly easy to utilize the share bot for yourself if it is something you are interested in doing. Simply jump on your computer, go to the share bot located on the Replit website, input your TikTok videos URL, and choose the desired number of shares. The video is immediately inundated with hundreds of shares, which could increase the likelihood that a greater number of people will watch it. (IF TikTok hasn't already patched this hack by the time you try it).

Replit is a website similar to Github.  It hosts code that people can upload, including python and more.  They have a repository which includes a share bot for TikTok that is running python.    Most people have commented that it no longer works, but if you really want to try it, test it on an account you won't miss just incase it gets banned.  

Why You Might Not Want To Use A Share Bot

It's possible that the share bot seems like it's too good to be true because, and well, it sort of is. The share bot is, in all respects, performing according to the standards that it says it would. Your videos do, in fact, get a significant amount of shares. On the other hand, such shares originate from randomly produced bots rather than actual humans. Therefore, even if your videos are being shared, such shares do not result in generating genuine views like a share from a real user would.

Is It Safe To Use A Share Bot On TikTok?

No, it goes against TikTok's community guidelines to artificially inflate your views, likes, followers, or shares.  You can learn more about using bots safely here.  

What difference does any of this make? TikTok prohibits these share bots and has very severe rules about them. According to the official TikTok Community Guidelines, "fake engagement" refers to any material or action that aims to artificially increase popularity on the network. This includes both likes and comments. TikTok expressly forbids any kind of "fake engagement," including the type generated by share bots. To put it another way, it is against the rules of TikTok to use a share bot to artificially inflate the number of views, likes, followers, or shares on your videos, and TikTok may ban your account if they discover that you have done so.

Is It Worth It To Use A Share Bot?

Is it really worth taking a chance if your account could not only get banned or shadow-banned now, but also some time in the future after you thought you got away with it? If TikTok discovers a video that has tens of thousands of shares but just a couple hundred views, this is an unmistakable indication that a share bot was utilized to boost the video's popularity. And as the use of share bots becomes more widespread, TikTok is made more aware of the possibility that some users are attempting to rig the system.


It could be tempting to use a share bot in order to rapidly amass a large number of shares on a video, but if you don't want to get in trouble with TikTok, you're better off ignoring it and working on growing your following in a more natural manner.  You can use a scheduler to help post videos regularly and as long as people like your content you will gain views and followers organically.  

If you really want to try a share bot, I recommend you test having friends or any other TikTok user share your Tiktok videos. Another option would be to create or join an engagement group which is a group of creators who all engage on each others videos by doing shares, comments, etc. This can be a much better way to get your content picked up by TikTok and promoted by their for you page algorithm full of personalized content and ads.

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