The Ultimate Guide To TikTok Bots And Using Them Safely

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What Are Social Media Bots?

Social media bots are not new, they have been used for a long time across a number of social media platforms. They automate a large number of actions you could also do manually such as follows, unfollows, likes, comments, posts, etc. One of the most popular sites to bot was Instagram. Until they really cracked down on automation over the past couple years. This has caused marketers and "botters" to test out other social networks, leading to a high demand for bots that perform automated actions on TikTok. 

A bot is an automated script written in computer programming languages such as Python. They are used to automate the mundane tasks of social networking. This may be done at any time of day or night and will significantly increase the growth and traffic to your social media profiles.

How Do TikTok Bots Work?

TikTok Bots work by automating normal actions you would perform such as follows, unfollows, likes, comments, posting, direct messaging, and more on your behalf. Its the same as doing the work yourself, but its completely automated and leads to much more effective and consistent account growth. For example you could set it up to perform 200 follows and likes and post two videos between 9am and 6 pm daily.

How Do Follow Bots Work On TikTok?

Follow / unfollow bots are one of the most common types of bots used on TikTok. TikTok has a high follow back ratio since its still relatively new, which makes this a great option for passively growing your profile. When you follow someone, they usually return the gesture. This is no longer the case on Instagram and part of the reason why bots that work on TikTok are in high demand.

A follow bot works by following highly targeted accounts that are likely interested in the content you post on your account. How well you set up the targeting will determine how effective it is at growing your account. Follow bots use a few different targeting methods that include account, hashtag, or location targeting. Account based targeting will interact with all of the followers of specific TikTok accounts that are similar to yours.

TikTok has a high rate of follow-backs for a number of reasons. The network is still in its early stages, and despite its billion users, it has a close-knit community. When you follow someone, they usually return the gesture. This is in stark contrast to Instagram, where the follow-back rate may be quite low and continues to decline.

It is very important to keep in mind TikTok's daily action limits when using a follow bot.  

Are Follow Bots Spammy?

This depends on how well you set them up. If you set them up correctly you will only follow accounts that have a high chance of being interested in your account and videos. For this reason they are not spammy and are safe for your account, as long as they are used properly. (Check out our post about TikTok action limits for more info on the safe daily follow limits).

How Do Like Bots Work On TikTok?

Like bots are also fairly common on TikTok. TikTok likers work by liking the content of targeted users. They should have a high chance on liking the content that you post on your profile. Should you use them, only you can decide. They can bring additional positive engagement to your account.

The main risk is that they could potentially like a video that is about a negative subject and draw unwanted attention to your account. For this reason, we suggest using the follow unfollow method more than likes.

How Do Post Schedulers Work On TikTok?

Post schedulers work by uploading videos to your TikTok account at a time you schedule in the future. This allows you to schedule a large amount of content and keep your posting schedule consistent.  This alone can make a big difference in keeping your content fresh and account growing.

What Kind of TikTok Botting Results Can You Expect?

The results vary depending on the person, but we can usually offer you an accurate estimate of how many followers you will get when botting. The average TikTok bot account may gain hundreds of followers each month. That's without even trying really hard! If you provide fantastic content like you normally would, the organic growth will combine with the automation to produce amazing outcomes. Some customers have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers.

Is It Safe To Use Bots On TikTok?

TikTok botting is a low risk tactic, when used correctly. (More details on that below) Because you can only execute a small number of follows every day, this approach should keep your account within the same range as normal account usage. TikTok automation, on the other hand, is clearly against the community guidelines, so make sure you know the risks and would not mind losing the account that is botted if something changes in the future.

How To Use A TikTok Bot Safely And Effectively

We recommend not using a bot on any account that you would care about losing. This is the best way to make sure you keep your primary accounts safe. Instead, we recommend using bots on secondary accounts that are either similar to your main account or they could be niche specific accounts. For example, people used to curate posts on Instagram, where one topical account would repost content from maybe 5 - 10 accounts in your niche that all post good content often.

This helps get your content viewed by a larger audience within your niche. Use bots on these topical accounts that grow quickly. Some people will make it to your main account naturally, but you can also push the audience to your main account via mentions, shoutouts, or direct message automation.

The Risks Of TikTok Bots

The main risk of using bots improperly would be action blocks. Ignoring these blocks and continuing to perform actions could cause further issues, so be sure you use a bot that will stick to a safe number of actions and wait for blocks to clear if it does encounter one.

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