AutoTokker Review & Alternatives

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Autotokker is a Tiktok bot that helps you grow your following by automating the act of following and unfollowing target users who would likely be interested in your content.  This post will be an in depth Autotokker review.    

Image of Autotokker Website

AutoTokker Features

  • Automate Follow / Unfollow
  • Target by hashtag or the followers of specific accounts in your niche
  • 3 Day Trial

Autotokker Alternatives?

Yes, there are a number of cheaper alternatives to Autotokker. We have reviews for a few of them of them, like Instazood, Try Jeffrey, and more.

AutoTokker Pros and Cons


  • Automate follows & unfollows
  • Target users following a niche specific account, or specific hashtags
  • Fast support response


  • Doesn't automate likes
  • Doesn't automate comments
  • Expensive - $44.99 / mo


AutoTokker is a good option, however it is the most expensive TikTok automation tool we have found.  In addition to that it also has less features than some of its less expensive competitors.  If you are on a budget might want to check out one of the alternatives mentioned above like Instazood.

Overall a solid bot, but the negatives are the high price and lack of ability to automate comments and likes.  

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