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The Tok Academy - Our #1 Recommendation

Rachel covers everything you need to know about TikTok in The Tik Tok Academy.  Rachel has been nicknamed the "Queen of Social Media" and is the CEO of The Viral Touch digital marketing agency.  She covers a variety of topics in TikTok Academy, including:

  • TikTok Traffic Secrets
  • Lead Generation
  • TikTok Monetization
  • Leveraging TikTok As An Introvert
  • Ready To Use Templates & Content Ideas
  • Includes Rachel's Viral Framework Template 
  • Industry Specific Inspiration
  • TikTok Management - Very Helpful If You Have or Want Clients
  • Access to Rachel's private community

Rachel teaches a variety of tactics in The Tok Academy.  Including how to drive traffic and generate leads, how to use TikTok ads, how to use her viral framework template, and many other things like how to use tactics like going live to get more exposure.

This is a great course for anyone, regardless of whether you have your own product to sell on TikTok, want to grow your personal brand, or are a social media manager and plan to use TikTok to market your client's businesses.  Rachel teaches you how the TikTok algorithm works and how to leverage it for your growth.  Either way you should be taking advantage of Rachel's tactics to drive more highly targeted traffic.  The only downside is that this is a more expensive course at $997 (She does offer a 3 pay option).  


Topics Covered

  • TikTok Traffic & Lead Generation Tactics
  • TikTok Ads
  • TikTok Monetization
  • Ready To Use Templates & Content Ideas
  • TikTok Management - Great For People With Clients
  • Includes Rachel's Viral Framework Template 

TikTok Marketing 2021 - Grow Your Account And Master TikTok Ads (Udemy)

Darius Moravcik is a CMO for mobile app called Reflectly.  He is a Udemy instructor who has over 7,000 paying students and over 300 five star reviews.  

Evan Kimbrell has over 30 courses on Entrepreneurship & Marketing on Udemy.  Evan is in the top 1% of Udemy instructors. His courses have been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur,  TechCrunch, and Buzzfeed, and have more than 600,000 students and 40,000 five star reviews.

This could be a good option for people who are primarily interested in TikTok ads.  They also teach you how to get verified for TikTok.  If you want a better overview that includes organic TikTok growth, check out Rachel's TikTok Academy.  

  • Course Price is $109.99
  • Last Updated in October 2021

Topics Covered

  • 11.5 hours of video
  • Organic TikTok Growth
  • How To Get Verified
  • 3 Ways To Monetize Your Account
  • How To Set Up TikTok Ad Campaigns
  • Includes Rachel's Viral Framework Template 

Mastering TikTok: Stop Scrolling & Post Your 1st TikTok (on Skillshare)

Instructor:  Taylor Loren (Head of Marketing @ GirlBoss)

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1 hour 17 minutes)

  1. Introduction
  2. Class Project
  3. Why We Love TikTok
  4. How TikTok Works
  5. Meme Mentality: Going Viral
  6. How Trending Audio Works
  7. Analytics: Clout Chasing
  8. Shooting A TikTok
  9. Editing: Effect, Duets, and Stitch
  10. Co Creating
  11. For Your Page: Tools & App
  12. Smooth Transitions
  13. Conclusion

Loren Taylor's course could be a good option for people who want to learn the basics of organic TikTok growth without putting a lot of time into it.  Loren does a nice job of condensing the most important lessons into short but informative videos.

Topics Covered

  • How TikTok Works
  • Memes For Going Viral
  • Recording & Editing TikTok Videos
  • TikTok's For You Page

TikTok Marketing Made Easy for Beginners - TikTok Marketing! (Udemy)

  • Utilize TikTok Marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to your offer pages
  • Improve the engagement from your audience via TikTok Marketing
  • How to measure the success of your TikTok campaigns
  • Get great results by using a cost effective approach
  • Course price is $94.99, but it is occasionally on sale.
  • This is a short course since its for beginners - just 1.5 hours long.

Created by OMG Mastermind
Last Updated June 2021


Topics Covered

  • TikTok Marketing For Driving Traffic
  • Increase Engagement
  • Measure Your Success
  • Cost Effective Approach

Conclusion: The Best TikTok Course Available Is

In my opinion, The Tok Academy by Rachel Pedersen is the best Tik Tok course.  It covers the main aspects of TikTok including both organic growth, ads, monetization, etc.  Its the most in depth paid course that we have listed.  

Is A TikTok Course Worth The Investment?

Some are well worth the investment.  Think about what you want to get out of it before purchasing.  Some classes only cover specific aspects of TikTok while other's like Rachel Pedersen's training is much more in depth on all aspects of TikTok.

Are there any good free TikTok courses?

You can learn some of the basics of TikTok ads at the TikTok business learning center.  Its not going to be much help for organic growth, but there is always Rachel's YouTube Channel for free TikTok tutorials.

Where can I learn how to create viral TikTok videos?

Rachel's course is mentioned at the top of the page and includes her Viral Framework Template.

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