What Are TikTok Bots & Does TikTok Use Them?

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What Are Social Media Bots?

There are multiple types of TikTok bots, but they all try to accomplish the same thing.  A TikTok bot is a social media bot that will automate the same actions you could normally do on Tiktok manually. They automate interacting with other accounts by performing likes, follows, unfollows, comments, views, and shares.  The ultimate goal is to get your ideal followers attention and give them a chance to view your content.  As long as you target the right people and create good, interesting content, a decent percentage  of them will view your videos and follow your account.  

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Type Of Tik Tok Bots & The Actions That Can Be Automated On TikTok:

  • Likes
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Views 

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Web Apps - A web app is an online application that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require you to download anything to your computer or phone.

Desktop Software - The second category is desktop apps, which you download and execute on your computer or on a virtual private server (VPS). To get the most out of your computer, you need to keep it on all the time.

App for Android or iPhone - The final type is an app for mobile phones. I haven't tried any of these apps yet, because they all seemed a little sketchy.

I prefer web apps since you don't have to worry about using a proxy or keeping your machine or VPS up and running. They are less work on your end, but they're a little more expensive as a result.


Social bots grow your account by interacting with users who are likely to be interested in your videos. Your targeting will heavily influence your account growth and overall results.   You can target a competitor account's subscribers, users who engage with a particular hashtag, or by user location.  

Are There Bots On TikTok?

If you are wondering, does TikTok use bots, there are accounts utilizing bots on all of the popular social media networks.  Their goal is typically to get more exposure to the videos and grow their following.  Its not necessarily a bad thing either.  As long as they are targeting accounts who view relevant content and interact with relevant followers, it shouldn't be noticeable.  These accounts can actually boost your engagement if they are actually liking and watching videos.  

It crosses over and creates a problem when people use them improperly and spam everyone.  Yes, in that case it is obvious to tell which accounts are using bots.  Overall, though, the fact that there are bots shouldn't impact your account, and it may even help give you some extra engagement and views when your account is new. 

Last Updated By Scott On November 1, 2021


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