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How To Bot Views On Tik Tok

How To Bot Views On TikTok

Everyone wants more views on their TikTok videos right?  Sometimes, all you need to do is help jumpstart your content with some high quality views.  Next, TikTok will start showing your best videos to a much larger audience.  

One way to get these initial views is from using a TikTok view bot.  A bot is a software program that will open multiple browser tabs on your computer and start watching the video.  The best bots will allow you to set a minimum and maximum viewer retention time.  It should also be utilizing a large variety of proxies (or IP addresses) to make the views look natural.  Some bots will also log into individual TikTok accounts as well before watching the video to add additional trust to the views.  It essentially simulates many different people watching your video.  

Learn about other types of Tik Tok bots such as follow bots, likes bots, and limits for keeping your account safe.    

Disadvantages of View Bots:

One problem with view bots is the need for a large variety of proxies.  You can use a rotating residential proxy solution like these, but that can be expensive.  For example some of the best residential proxies will likely cost over $50 each month.  This makes sense as long as you are doing enough views and have monetized your account(s).  The solution below will be a better option for some people, especially beginners.  

An Alternative Solution:  Buying Views

The other option is to buy views from a service that utilizes a view bot.  This will be a better option for anyone who wants to leave the technical details up to the pros.  One of the leading providers of TikTok views is Fueltok.  You can get 1,000 views for just $4.99 from Fueltok.  This could be a cheaper solution up until you need over 30,000 views per month.  At that point the view bot and proxies may be less expensive.  

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