5 TikTok Like Bots To Grow Your Following

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The social media world is changing, and TikTok has become the most popular video app. If you want to get more likes on your posts, or if you want to grow your following on TikTok, then I recommend checking out tiktok like bots.  

This blog post talks about how they work, how you can use them to your advantage, and the main features of the most popular ones.  Use the table of contents if you want to jump straight to the list of like bots.  Or check out this post if you want to check out all the Tik Tok bots currently available.  

Automation is a great way to grow your TikTok account. It's not too hard to find bots that will help you automate the process of gaining followers and views, but it can be difficult trying to figure out which ones are worth using. To save you time I've compiled this list of five TikTok like bots including the pros and cons of each. You can also learn more about other bots like view bots and other social media automation in these articles.  

The Benefits Of Using A Like Bot On TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app in history. Launched by Chinese company ByteDance, it now has over 300 million monthly active users and a valuation of more than $30 billion. It seems as though everyone's on TikTok these days.

If you're looking to grow your following or get more likes (or views) on videos then there are plenty of apps that can help you out with this goal. This blog post will cover some bots that can be used to help your account get more exposure.

This is done by liking other TikTok users videos. Liking their video gives them a notification with a link to your profile. If you target accounts that are interested in content like yours, you will see a percentage of those people click through and view your profile or videos. If they like your content some of them will also convert into followers.

Using a strategy like this is a numbers game, but its possible because there are multiple tools that can help you automate this process. If you wanted to take this strategy to another level you could also use multiple accounts to promote your main account.

This allows you to keep your main account safe but still get the growth that automation can achieve. I prefer to keep my main accounts as safe as possible and recommend you do the same.

Bots can get you followers and likes, but they can't do all the heavy lifting. You need to provide them with quality content worthy of being shared so that people will want to follow you and consistently view your videos. The more good content there is in a feed the better bots are at generating engagement for it.


One of the most popular bots on TikTok is Fuel Tok. It has a free trial and doesn't require a credit card to start it. Fueltok is a web based app so you don't need to download or run any software from your own computer or phone. In addition to likes, you can also have the bot perform follows, unfollows, comments, comment likes, etc.

People love it because of the free trial and easy setup. You can have it up and running in just a few minutes. Just make sure you choose accounts to target that have a decent sized but highly targeted follow to ensure it has enough accounts to interact with.

You do have to sign in to your account, but that's the case with any software that will interact with TikTok users on your behalf. (That's one of the reasons I use secondary accounts in bots that will then try to send people to my main account). Its a good strategy that will continue to work well into the future.


NinjaTok is different from most of the other bots mentioned because it is a desktop based software. This makes it much more reasonably priced at $40 per year. The downside is that this does create more work on your end, such as keeping your computer running 24/7, utilizing proxies if you run multiple accounts, etc. This can be worthwhile if you plan to grow a significant amount of accounts.

The other thing that sets NinjaTok apart from competitors is the ability to schedule out "X" video uploads each day.

I love that it has the TikTok video scheduler in addition to the standard features that competitors have like, follows, unfollows, comments, and likes. It was a little slow while it was running, but there are settings you can adjust to improve that.


Autotokker is an app that allows users to automate TikTok follows, likes, and comment likes. It is a little more expensive than most competitors at about $30 per month. Overall, it has similar features to Fueltok so I would recommend Fueltok since its a little more budget friendly and has a free trial.


TikTok Bot is another automation service that is a little more expensive than its alternatives, coming in at $75 per month. Its a good service if you have the budget for it and you are looking to grow your account quickly.


Instazood is another bot that automates the common actions like comments, follows, unfollows, likes, etc. They don't have the best reputation though if you check them out across review websites. For that reason, we can't recommend them.


TikTok has been one of the latest apps on the market that is taking over people's time with its simple yet entertaining features. With this app, users can create short videos without editing software which makes it easier than ever before to share their creativity through silly lip syncing challenges and video collages using emojis and filters.

Regardless of whether you are an influencer, small business owner, someone trying to build up a personal brand, or even an affiliate marketer, TikTok is one of the best opportunities to organically grow an audience from scratch. You can even speed up the process by utilizing one of the bots we mentioned above. 

Updated on December 18, 2021
By Scott

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