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What is Ninjatok?

Ninjatok is a Tiktok bot that helps you manage multiple TikTok accounts and schedule out actions such as following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, uploading videos, and more.  Its one of the most versatile bots we have found for TikTok, however it does have some downsides as well.  Its one of the only tools we have found that can automatically post to multiple accounts.  If you want to run multiple accounts you can get a free trial at the following link.  

Ninjatok Features

  • Automate Follows / Unfollows
  • Automatically perform comments & likes
  • Automatically upload videos
  • Target by hashtag or the followers of specific accounts in your niche
  • 7 Day Trial

Ninjatok Alternatives?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives to Ninjatok. Most of them are sort of more "done for you" solutions which include some of the things like proxies that would be more difficult for beginners.   FuelTok and Autotokker provide proxies so you don't need to worry about them, but they also have a higher price point as well.  You can check out all of the social bots we have compared for TikTok here.

AutoTokker Pros and Cons


  • Automate follows & unfollows
  • Automate comments & likes
  • Automatically upload videos based on a schedule
  • Target users following a niche specific account, or specific hashtags
  • Fast support response


  • Runs slow
  • Not as easy to learn or use
  • Requires and VPS and proxies


Ninjatok does have some useful features that none of their competitors offer.  The functions that set them apart from competitors include comments, messages, and uploading videos automatically.  Its also much more reasonably priced compared to any of the alternatives.  The only downsides are that it does run slow and require a VPS and proxies.  Check out our post about TikTok's follow limits to keep your accounts safe.  

Ninjatok would be a good option for people who plan to run a number of accounts.  If you only plan to run one account, then something like Fueltok would be a better option.  

Overall its a versatile bot, and well worth trying for people who run multiple accounts.  Grab your free trial here

Reviewed By Scott
Last Updated October 10, 2021

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